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Welcome to Amwell Products

Our Offering

At Amwell Fruit, we offer a full range of Fruit, Vegetables and Salads as well as a variety of other products that chefs use alongside traditional produce.  We have experience in providing all of them across all catering platforms.  We are here to help you so just give us a call.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are an important mainstay of a well balanced daily diet.  We know our customers are looking for the best produce available to use in their menus whether they be catering in hotels, pubs, restaurants and businesses for the general public or, schools for children or care homes for the elderly, each have their own specific requirements.

We source daily these items from suppliers at the London Markets whom we have worked with for a number of years and can therefore provide the full range of items as required by each individual customer.  That could include the best type of Potato for roasting, chips or mash to seasonal or good value vegetables, as well as heritage vegetables and more exotic/international items.  We’ve got it covered.

Dairy Products

We provide a full range of dairy products working with a number of suppliers who can provide us with a variety of different dairy items, from the regular day to day items such as Milk, Eggs, Cream and Cheese to more specialist items like Artisan Cheeses, Almond Milk and Duck Eggs.


As part of the full range of our products, frozen items form an essential part of a chefs repertoire as it offers great flexibility and they are great for storage.  We can provide a vast range of frozen items from bags of chips to summer fruits and all types of vegetables including Brussel Sprouts!

Prepared Products

Prepared products are a great time-saving option for all chefs whether it be peeled potatoes, baton carrots, diced mixed vegetable, or pont neuf potato, turned carrots, and even freshly squeezed juices.  These are all quality produced products and most of them we can supply the following day once ordered, although some speciality items may require 48hrs notice.

Dry Goods

This is a fairly new area for a Fruit and Vegetable supplier and we recognise the need to support our customers to help them get all sorts of items into their kitchen.  We have found, it’s easy to ask the Fruit and Veg supplier to help source and supply these items as we are often their the most frequent visitor.  We have always supplied Drums of Oil, tubs of Mayonnaise or tins of Chopped Tomatoes but now there is a real need for more specialist items like different flours, pasta, olive oils, cooking vinegar/wines or tins of different beans.  We now have a full range of additional produce that we can supply.

Speciality items

These come in all sorts of guises and this includes micro-herbs, pea shoots, dried herbs and spices or even truffles.  They may be items that are only available at certain times of the year or particular brands. This is definitely worth giving us a call on.