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Market Report - January & February 2010

Welcome to 2010 and what a start to a new year.  The snow and ice has of course affected the supply of most items so lets start with some information on Vegetables as these have been hardest hit.


Cauliflowers have been completely frozen out and what is available is very small and very expensive.  Leeks and Courgettes are in short supply and selling at premium prices.  Carrotts, Swede, Turnips and Broccoli have also increased in price.

Best buys this month are Savoy Cabbage and Italian Black Cabbage with Parsnips and Celeriac still very good quality.


French Frizzy Lettuce are still high in price as they now originate from the South of France.  Tomatoes and Iceberg Lettuce are very mixed in quality and Cucumbers always rise sharply in price in January/February and this year is no exception.


Following the busy christmas period fruit prices tend to be affected by large fluctuations normally associated with the christmas demand and the post christmas weather.  Currently Cape White and Black Seedless Grapes are very good quality and Cape Peaches and Nectarines now have more size and taste.  Italian Blood Oranges and Spanish Seville Oranges have now arrived but they only have a very short season so get them now.  Lychees and Sharon Fruit are at their best this month.




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