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Market Report - November and December 2009


As we move towards the festive season, the “C” word begins to cross our minds and we find ourselves starting to think about Christmas fayre. 

In preparation, we have started to stock this seasons fresh Cranberries which come in 340gm bags and, as an alternative, we also have frozen Cranberries which come in 1kg bags.


Fresh Chestnuts have now arrived, Italian and Spanish being the better quality than the Chinese, albeit at a higher premium.  We also have the pre-cooked shelled type which come in 500gm packets (2 x 250gm).


For the winter vegetables to accompany the above items we now find Brussel Sprouts are in full swing and good quality.  Dutch Prepared Sprouts will start in the 3rd week of November and the first of the Iced Button Sprouts have arrived.  All root vegetables remain very good quality and good value with the “Baby” Chantenay Carrot being our star buy.



Tomatoes have been a bit up and down in price but seem to have settled back to a more relevant price.  There is one exception, Cherry Vine Tomato, which remains expensive.


All Lettuces are now switching back to foreign imports and the price will start to increase slightly.



As far as fruit goes we are in between seasons while we wait for some seasons to end and others to begin. Spanish Peaches and Nectarines have finished and “Cape” Peaches have arrived but with an increase in price. UK Strawberries and Raspberries have also finished but Dutch and Belgium varieties continue to be available however the price will rise between now and Christmas.  Turkish Quinces have also just arrived and look very good as well as Spanish Satsumas which have a good taste.  The Clementines still look a little Green though!! 

Best Buys 

We have some great quality and value Purple Sprouting Broccolli, Curley Kale and Spartan Apples


Other good value items include Girolle Mushrooms, French Baby Bunch Beetroot, Persimmons and Sharon Fruit.



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