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Market Report - September 2009



As Summer moves into Autumn root vegetables are now at their best, these include Carrot, Swede and Parsnips.


English Broccoli and Cauliflower remain very good value and the first of the Curly Kale is now available


We now have the first of our locally grown Pumpkin and Squashes which will include Blue Prince, Acorn Squash and Turks Turban varieties as well as the traditional Halloween Pumpkin.

Corn on the Cob and Runner Bean will reduce in availability towards the end of the month and Cyprus Potatoes are now finished until mid October.


All Salad items remain available and of good quality however we will see an increase in price as the month progresses.


Good quality Avocados are proving problematic to source at present.


Lemons and Limes are now very expensive this is due to the end of the Spanish season prior to the start of the Turkish season.  This should be resolved by the end of September/early October. 

Early season English Apples are now starting to arrive in the market.  Varieties include Early Windsor and Worcester.


English Conference Pears, Plums and Bramley Cooking Apples are good buys this month.

Good quality Strawberries and Raspberries are still readily available although prices will start to creep upwards towards the end of the month.

All melons are currently proving difficult to source which is likely to continue until October.

Best Buys

Turkish Black Figs will be in full swing this month at a really good price.


Other good value items include Courgettes, Mangoes, Savoy Cabbage and Butternut Squash.



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