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August 2009

This week we see the prices for Aubergines & Broccoli come down even further, as well as this, New Crop English Carrots & Loose Corn on the Cob are readily available within the market and very reasonably priced, though Mange Tout & Sugar Snap Peas will remain expensive for the time being.

Unfortunately, UK Asparagus is now finished but Chantenay Carrots have now made a welcome return to the market after being absent for a number of weeks.

Finally we are now able to supply a good selection of Wild Mushrooms which includes; Girolles, Trompettes, Enochi, and Golden Shimiji Mushroom.

It has been a good week for Salads as all Tomatoes remain cheap while all French Salads have come down in price as well as Avocados, Cucumbers & Radicchio Lettuce.

We are no longer supplying French Watercress, instead we now have English Watercress which is much better quality.

The good news is Green Tomatoes, Inca Tomatoes, Yellow Vine Tomatoes & Tomberries are all now in the market.

Fruit has also had a good week so far as we have now moved to a new crop Watermelon which are a much better price and of a much better quality. This week also sees the price of all Grapes & Strawberries coming down.

Finally Blackcurrants, Whitecurrants, Gooseberries & Flat Peaches are all still readily available within the market.

However Blood Oranges have now come to an end and will not be available until later in the year.

Best Buys
This week among others we have Blackberries, Cos Lettuce, Courgettes, Extra Sweet Mangoes, Figs, Gooseberries, Nectarines, Peaches, Raspberries, & Spinach.



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