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Market Report - April 2011

As the long cold and wet winter draws to an end and the mild spring weather begins there will be a gradual change in produce and we hope there are many good things to look forward to, there certainly seems a lot to talk about.


Arguably one of the best potato, Jersey Royals, will make a welcome return.  Good in flavour however the price may not be so good.  New season Cyprus and Spanish Potatoes will start to replace the Old English Main Crop as they start to show signs of decline but prices still generally seem to be on the up.  Due to the decimation of the English Brassica crops particularly in Lincolnshire, Cauliflowers are currently being sourced from France so we can maintain their quality.  This has however affected the price albeit inconsistently.  English Green and Savoy Cabbages are now ending however Spring Greens and in particular the Sweetheart Cabbage from Portugal and English Kale and Purple Sprouting are replacing them.  Egyptian Peas are now appearing delayed due to the problems in North Africa and Aubergines from Belgium are good but can be a bit pricey for their size, we will keep our eye on this.


We now start the switch from Spanish to Dutch and Belgium produce particularly Peppers, Cucumbers and Tomatoes however some quality/flavour  issues may initially arise particularly with the Peppers.  English Cucumbers however, should be on the scene by the end of March at a good price and the price of Cherry Tomatoes seems to be falling, which we hope will continue to do so.  French Fancy Lettuces are looking good and some English Lettuces will also start to appear by end March beginning of April.


Late season Spanish Ortaniques, Minneola’s and Mandarins are now available although they are not as easy to peel as other varieties.  The good news is Spanish Strawberries are available and at a good price however we see the end of the English Cox’s which will be replaced by Dutch and New Zealand varieties.  Peaches and Nectarines will now be coming from Argentina which will inflate the price somewhat but we will try and manage this as best we can. 

Best Buys

Outdoor and Forced British Rhubarb from Yorkshire will be on the scene by the end of March and at a good price.  English Parsnips, Swede and Jerusalem Artichokes are all still good value.  Blood Oranges are a really good option and Lemons are one of the cheapest products on the market.

Not So Good

English Cauliflowers continue to be of poor quality due to the weather and Broccoli and  Courgettes may be a little scarce and possibly up a bit on price.



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