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Market Report November 2010

With the end of summer and a change in the seasons, prices have remained fairly stable apart from Tomatoes and Lettuce (both now coming from Spain).  The main focus is now the approach of Christmas so we will see Chefs taking a good look at the full range of winter fare. 


Asparagus is back down to its normal price and all roots (Celeriac, Parsnip, Turnips, Carrots and Swede) are now in full swing and excellent value.  Beetroot is at its best with the Candy Striped and Golden varieties making a nice change.  We also have a plentiful supply of Purple Sprouting Broccolli and Curley Kale and the season for the inexpensive and under-rated Jerusalem Artichoke has now started.  


As mentioned the price of Lettuce and Tomatoes tend to dominate this area with limited range of salads on offer.  


Lemons are starting to fall in price however Lime prices are going in the opposite direction (if its not one it’s the other!!).  English Apples are plentiful (too many to list) with Coxes and Russetts being the most popular.  All Berries are in plentiful supply and fairly well priced.  

Best Buys

Seasonal products to note with Christmas approaching are Chestnuts, both fresh and Vac-Pac, Fresh and Frozen Cranberries, Brussel Sprouts and Brussel Tops for a change.   We now have a full range of Squashes and Pumpkins along with Fresh Quinces.



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