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Market Report - September & October 2010

With the cool August weather  it should mean a good period for fruit and summer vegetables as well as some of those lovely English traditional autumnal and early winter produce to go on the menu.  


These are all in plentiful supply and good value until the end of October when prices start to rise.  I would recommend English Onions, all the cabbages particularly Savoy, Curly Kale as well as French Beans, Courgettes (which will only just last into October), Red Onions, Marrows and  the old favourite Corn on the Cob.  Additional good value and quality items are Red Cabbage, Beetroot and Broccolli with the first of the Swede, Turnip and Christmas favourite Brussel Sprouts just coming in.  Cauliflowers and Leeks are at their best now however the season for the inexpensive and under-rated Jerusalem Artichoke which should have started is delayed until the beginning of October.The main crop potatoes are just being lifted and will be stored until the beginning of the summer but the expected price rise in potato does not seem to have materialised – we will keep our eye on this. 


Cucumbers, Lettuce, and Tomatoes are all readily available but can be affected quickly by the weather however English Radiccio likes the cooler weather so is proving a good purchase. By now we should have moved onto the very good French Lollo Rosso, Oakleaf and Frisee however English is still being worked which is not as good quality.  We await the arrival of the French with anticipation.  Tomato and Iceberg prices will continue to rise as we move towards the middle and end of October and move away from being supplied from the UK and Holland. 


As the Nectarines, Peaches and Apricots start to fade they are replaced by wonderful English fare.  Blackberries, English Apples (especially Bramleys, Cox’s Pippins, Discovery, Worcester and early Windsors), Pears (the under-rated Conference  plus Comice and Beurre Hardy) and Victoria and  Marjorie Plums.  We are also treated to tasty French Granny Smith Apples as well as lovely sweet Turkish Figs.  All these fruit are in abundant supply.   

Best Buys

I can recommend Quince and Green Skinned Melon called Piel de Sapo Green or why not try Ugli Fruit (you either love it or hate it).  Spanish Pomegranates are an excellent autumn purchase as well as Squashes and Pumpkins which are always good this time of year. The French and Ital ian wild mushrooms season has started which always proves very popular and an abundant supply is expected which could mean reasonable prices.

Not So Good

Strawberries which now come from Holland could increase in price as per last year and Lemons remain very scarce and expensive.  As mentioned Iceberg and Tomato prices are rising along with Peppers so watch out.



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