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Market Report May 2010

Having experienced the most difficult trading period that I can ever remember in all my years in the fruit and vegetable trade we now appear to be reaching a period of calm and normality.


English Asparagus are now plentiful and a good price, size and quality. Towards the end of the month, you should be able to get hold of White Asparagus from the Black Forest.  This is widely acknowledged as the best of all White Asparagus with a delicate flavour. The first of the Italian Broad Beans are also now available as well as the old favourite Jersey Royal Potatoes which is reducing in price as the month goes on and Spinach.  We are also expecting a healthy supply of Morelle Mushrooms.


At last the Spanish Icebergs are much cheaper and more robust that we have seen of late.  The Dutch produce is also now plentiful, including Tomatoes, Peppers, Radish & Aubergines.  As light levels improve, the flavour of the Dutch salad tomatoes will get better and cucumbers will also ease in price as the Dutch second crop starts.  Radicchio from Italy is likely to be astronomically expensive as hail storms in mid April in growing areas are said to have damaged over 80% of the crop. Chicory will also be more expensive but both Red and Yellow Pepper prices will fall during this month.  Belgian Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondo and Oakleaf are more abundant and cheaper with English crops starting in the next 2-3 weeks. 


Here at last are the Dutch Strawberries and we should now see the Belgian and English coming through by the end of the month.  Also starting to appear are Peaches and Nectarines, glossy Red USA Cherries and Spanish Cherries (but these will be initially expensive) and good quality Water Melon. We continue with the abundance of affordable quality fruit this month with large-berried Raspberries (including the mildly sweet golden) and plump Blueberries. From the Continent, there will be Blackberries and Redcurrants but prices will remain high initially.   Following the awful weather in April all stone fruit will start to improve rapidly especially towards the end of the month. Good quality Spanish Galia and French Charentais and Canteloupe are expected shortly.  

Best Buys

I can recommend Cauliflowers, Leeks and Strawberries.  The top choice in exotic lettuce should be green and red Batavia and well as the increasingly popular Lollo Biondo 

Not So Good

Be aware Kenyan Mange Tout and Sugar Snaps are still short and still expensive and the same applies to Spanish Broccoli - although prices are easing slightly.




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